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Ten Basics of Learning to Drive

First Basic is Braking -

Second Basic is Steering - hands at 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock

Third Basic is Acceleration - toe and ball of foot for gas, no flat footing, light on the gas. No flip flops / high heels

Fourth Basic - Stop Right Turn - does not have the right of way

  1. First stop at the stop bar - even with the stop sign
  2. Second stop - fill dead space (can't see well)
  3. Two stops at every stop sign. Must be able to see entire length of street
  4. Allows to be closer/faster to the lane of travel
  5. Smoother overall turn - front wheels already being turned into direction of travel -
  6. Gives new driver time to peek. Three looks and a peek in the opposite direction - make student count out loud - 1, 2, 3, peek - before moving

Fifth Basic - Moving Right Turn

  1. Has right of way - yes
  2. Students always go too fast
  3. Brake heavy before you turn
  4. Peek in opposite direction
  5. Cover the brake
  6. Accelerate slowly through the turn

Sixth Basic - Straight With a Stop
If we have a stop sign, area 1 will have a stop sign also.
Begin control braking stop even with the stop sign or at the stop bar.
Fill dead space
Three quick glances and a peek
Look left always
Quick peek right as you go
3 & 9 steering,
When across, look for next maneuver.

Seventh Basic - Straight Without a Stop
If we don't have a stop sign, area 1 doesn't have a stop sign
Can get hit from all 3 areas
Approach at safe speed
Scan areas 1, 2, 3 and look at the arch of intersection
If major or minor threats are in arch, then cover brake and look for solutions
Continue through with brake covers

Area 1 = Cars coming towards us
Area 2 = Cars coming from left
Area 3 = Cars coming from right

Signal at or around last driveway
Early signal as bad if not worse than no signal

Eighth Basic - Protected Left Turn (safe from area 1) - stop sign makes us protected

Ninth Basic - Unprotected Left Turn (unsafe from area 1)
No stop sign for us - no stop sign for area 1. Safe from areas 2 & 3
Is area 1 empty?
Look at area 2 & 3 when turning to determine if empty or not empty.

Tenth Basic - Backing - Typically the hardest skill to maneuver

Talk with student before reaching the intersection - Consistency in Language

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