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Drug Alcohol Traffic Education (DATE/DATA/TLSAE)
First-time driver drug and alcohol awareness course required by the State of Florida.

Course Fees

Online Course Course $19.99
Service Fee 1.50
Total Amount $21.49
No Hidden Fees, Completion Certificate Submitted Electronically to DHSMV.

DHSMV Driver's Handbook

Frequently Asked Questions

Online Course
The online course is offered through the, presented by our partner the Florida Association of DUI Programs, Inc. and is Florida DHSMV approved.

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Online Course Description
All first time drivers in the State of Florida are required to take the DATE course before applying for their learners permit (must be at least 15 years old) or license. The course covers how alcohol and other drugs affect your ability to drive, laws and responsibilities, safe driving techniques, and how to increase your awareness of the road today.
The online course requires a total of four hours of course time. At the end of the four hours a 40 question multiple choice test must be passed to complete the course and allow your completion information to be transmitted electronically to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. You must answer 32 of the 40 questions correctly to pass the exam.
You must have a Social Security Number or Alient Identification Number in order to register for the online course.
After registering, completing the course and passing the final test, your information will be transmitted electronically to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles and appear in their system in approximately 48 hours of completion. You will not receive a certificate.
Once you register you will have 90 days to complete the course. You may take the course at any time of day and pause or exit the course at any time.
Bridgeway Center Inc. Drug Alcohol Traffic Education (DATE)

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DHSMV Driver's Handbook

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