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Helpful guides and articles to better prepare for those bumps in the road.

Guides & Handbooks

New Drivers License & ID Card Requirements -
Florida has new documentation requirements for residents renewing or obtaining a new driver license or identification card. For office visits, you must bring original documents that prove your identity, social security number and residential address.

DHSMV Driver's Handbook -

Florida Drivers Guide for Teens and Parents -
Drive with Courtesy, Attention, Responsibility, Experience

Ten Basics of Learning to Drive

Mature Drivers

Participating in CarFit®

Florida Silver Alert

Teen Driving

The Cost of Underage Drinking in Florida

Tips to Parents of New Drivers

Top Ten Risky Behaviors of Teen Drivers

Driving Through the Eyes of Teens, A Closer Look


Three Crashes in Three Years Law

Teens, Texting & Tragedy (The Roadmap to State Highway Safety Laws)

In 48 states, the "Move Over" law became effective on January 1, 2010.

New Law In Florida

Texting & Cell Phone Use

Federal Bans on Texting & State Cell Phone Laws

Cell Phone Driving Laws by State

Teens, Texting & Tragedy: Which states are making the grade?

Do You See the Motorcycle? -
A picture is worth a thousand words.

Worse Than Alcohol? -
So how dangerous is texting while driving?

Texting While Driving Banned for Federal Staff

Driving While Talking and Texting on a Cell Phone -
At any given daylight moment, 974,000 vehicles on the road are being driven by someone on a hand-held phone.

Reports & Statistics

Florida Traffic Fatalities Fall to a Record Low

Distracted Driver Report

Examination of Driver Distraction by NHTSA

Fatal Crashes and Fatalities Involving Impaired Drivers

Report Finds Fewer Deaths on the Nation's Roads

Prom & Graduation

House Party -
Graduation Celebrations Often Leave Teens at Risk

Holding On, Letting Go -
Graduation Season Brings Risk and Reward

Staying Safe on Prom Night -
What grandparents, parents and teens can do from AARP Motoring Plan.

Prom and Alcohol -
A Deadly Combination

Holiday Driving

Northeast FL Community Traffic Safety Teams Recipes 4 the Road

Safe Driving Tips for the Memorial Day Weekend


Beware Drowsy Driving -
About 110 million people confess that they have driven while drowsy in the past year.

So called energy drinks available to the general public and to our youth that contain alcohol.

Safety Tips for Walking Your Pet -
It is important that we keep them safe when we go for walks.

History and Development of Automobiles -
Most of us have at least one vehicle as our choice for transportation. Here is an article that gives us a some insight into the history and development of automobiles.

Driving Resources & Other Articles

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