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Senior Driving Skills Assessment -
It is important to re-evaluate driving skills regularly.

Course Fee

2 hour assessment of skills $110.00


The assessment must be paid in full at the time of enrollment in order to be scheduled. Begin by downloading and filling out the Enrollment Form PDF.

Requires Adobe Acrobat or similar PDF reader. Will either open the PDF viewer in your browser or prompt you to save the file to your computer.

Assessment Objectives
Driving is a critical issue for seniors. Everyone ages differently, so some people are perfectly capable of continuing to drive in their seventies, eighties, and even beyond.

However, physical changes of aging make it difficult for some seniors to continue to drive responsibly. Risk factors for seniors include medications which cause drowsiness or sleepiness, visual decline, hearing and motor skills loss and chronic conditions that limit mobility. It is important to re-evaluate driving skills regularly to ensure the senior is a safe and conscientious driver.

Bridgeway Center, Inc. provides a Senior Driving Skills Assessment. This service provides an objective evaluation of the senior's driving performance. It includes evaluating the senior's reaction time, visual acuity, peripheral vision and motion capabilities. All sessions are conducted in the Bridgeway Center, Inc. Driving Schools' vehicle by a certified driving instructor. The results of the evaluation are discussed with the driver, family members, and physician if requested.

For further questions or concerns please fee free to contact our offices for more details and scheduling availability.

Bridgeway Center Driving School Mature Driver Program

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