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Distracted Driver Course -
2-Hour Course

Course Fee

Online Course (2 Hours) $14.95

Online Course
The online course is offered through the website, presented by our partner the National Traffic Safety Institute.

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Online Course Description

The online Distracted Driving program is a comprehensive behavioral based defensive driving program for all drivers. This two (2) hour program is flexible and may be adapted for a variety of vehicle types, regardless of the driver's background.

What It Is:
  • An online behavioral based curriculum
  • Updated statistical information
  • Defensive driving strategies
  • Thought provoking content
What It Entails:
  • Three (3) modules that can be delivered either in a block or individually
  • Interactive 2-hour curriculum
Topics Include:
  • What is Distracted Driving?
  • Common distracted Driving Behaviors
  • Cognitive, Visual, and Manual Distractions
Administrative Features:
  • User authentication, security, and activity logs
  • Participant certificates and transcripts
  • Online help and technical support
  • Flexible registration options

The Distracted Driving Program was developed to meet the needs of today. This course is intended to bring to the attention of drivers the serious repercussions of today's issues, such as in-vehicle cell phone use, hands-free devices, CPS distractions, as well as passenger distraction. While important for the novice/new driver, statistics show room for further education regarding distracted driving.

  Bridgeway Center Inc. distracted Driver Course

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